5 Ways to Find the RIGHT Real Estate Agent

5 Ways to Find the RIGHT Real Estate Agent

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A real estate agent is a valuable resource when it comes to buying and selling your home. But what most people don’t realize is that choosing the RIGHT realtor is even more essential to the successful sales process.

Here are 5 ways to find the right realtor for you:  

  1. Ask for a Specialists. Just like there are specific doctors for different areas of health, there are real estate agents who specialize in certain areas. While some are generalists, some have training that includes these designations:

CRS – Certified Residential Specialist: This includes only a small percentage of agents. It is the highest credential residential sales agents, managers and brokers can achieve.

ABR – Accredited Buyer’s Representative: These agents work directly with buyers and have an understanding of agency relationships, policy options and disclosure requirements that most other agents can’t.

SRES – Seniors Real Estate Specialist: These agents work with an expertise in the senior population (50+).

  1. Go With a Winner. Real estate agents can win the Realtor of the Year Award, designated by the NAR (National Association of Realtors), the Five Star Award, given to service professionals who deliver only the highest-quality services to their clients as well as other recognitions. You can also check a realtor’s license online with the state’s governing agencies to find out if the person you choose has ever been disciplined.
  2. Be Selective. Ask numerous questions to find someone who is able to represent you based on more than just one criteria. A quality realtor is someone who has not only successfully sold homes for close to the asking price, recently and quickly… but they also come referred by neighbors, friends and previous clients.
  3. Check Online. MLS listings are available online. Take advantage of an online search and compare any realtor’s listings to other prices in the area. And don’t forget to search their presence on websites like Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn. It can tell you a lot. Do your research!
  4. Avoid Common Mistakes. If you’re one of the 43 million Americans moving this year, remember…

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  • Don’t get too excited, and try to stay calm. A new home is a BIG purchase.
  • Don’t skip small steps. Everything in the process is important.
  • Don’t say “Yes!” until you’re 100%.
  • Ask for help if you need it.
  • Don’t be afraid to get an appraisal.

All of this preparation can be handy when shopping for the right realtor. Today, it’s pretty easy to get a Real Estate License. But it’s not always easy to find an experienced broker or agent to successfully guide you through the process of buying or selling your home. Use these tips to help you along the way!

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