Recycled & Re-Purposed

Recycled & Re-Purposed

The environmental movement is expanding into many areas of our daily life. Like the environment itself, it is an ever changing entity, adapting to our lifestyle in general and the little complexities of human life as well, such as our finances and needs.

Being green reaches beyond growing one’s own vegetables and recycling the garbage. As more people and corporations begin to care about their impact in the world, we find new, creative ways to continue to have the things we need and the things we want.

The home improvement industry is no stranger to this new trend. Jackie Hirschhaut, spokeswoman for the American Home Furnishings Alliance, says that “Increasingly, furniture is being built using natural-fiber fabrics, recycled metals and sustainable woods.” Hirschhaut predicts that “Home offices will continue to boom as growing numbers of Americans work from their residences.”

We sometimes forget that environmental consciousness is not limited to product; our behaviors play an important role as well. Observers are identifying developing trends in this area. Horticulture expert Tom MacCubbin notices that,”Community gardens are a growing trend, especially those that involve children.”

Could this reveal yet another trend? As we increase our awareness of, and concern for the environment at large, it appears we also increase our connection to a more immediate environment: home and family., a website that provides creative ideas for home improvement projects, also points to a sense of connection within the family unit as a by-product of the green movement. #2 of its top 10 home improvement trends of 2010 points out that, “Recycled or re-purposed is where it’s at. For this reason, antiques are making a comeback in younger homeowners. Objects that were passed down are getting a new life and surround people with a connection to family.”

How could we possibly not get greener when we embrace behaviors that increase the quality of life of our loved ones?



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