Rick Carrick – Of Community & Bees

Rick Carrick – Of Community & Bees

48.4 Miles from Stowe to Braintree VT. 48.4 long miles for a colony of bees to travel, but they were in good company. Rick Carrick did all the driving.

Rick has been with Pall Spera Company for over ten years and in the Real Estate industry for over 30. His background in construction and design, combined with his knowledge and love of Vermont, are at the root of his natural ability to understand Real Estate customers’ needs.

“I have lived in other towns and states,” says Rick, “but none can match the recreational and cultural choices in the Stowe area. Add to that the income-producing opportunities, a consequence of the proximity to the Eastern metropolitan centers, and Stowe presents a rare Mecca for a balanced lifestyle,” he concludes.

If it is true that you can judge a man by his actions, then Rick Carrick truly walks the talk. He is not merely an observer of the opportunities for a good lifestyle; he lives it. If you ever meet him, you will see this instantly, in his quiet composure. “I try to do some recreational activity every day: skiing, golf, yoga, running and weight lifting are high on my list,” adds Rick, who believes that the Stowe area is a setting that is immensely suitable for raising children. “I feel that my two college age boys received an excellent education in the Stowe schools. And when school is out, there are lots of opportunities for them to remain active year-round.”

It is quite fitting that someone who values community and a wholesome lifestyle may also have an affinity for bees. Rick is particularly interested in the medicinal properties of bee venom to alleviate chronic pain associated with arthritis and muscular inflammation.

This is another example of his thirst for knowledge and well-being, but more than this, for his natural inclination to see his community life as a sort of partnership.  “I have lived in Stowe for many years,” says Rick, “and participated in many school and civic activities. I celebrate the rewards that participation brings.”

This is a powerful affirmation of the perspective Rick brings to every encounter. He believes that the agent’s responsibility is to add value to the buyer’s or seller’s experience. He explains, “The value of an agent to a buyer or a seller is in the information that he or she can share with that client. When I talk about information, I am not talking strictly about the property, but about the community in a broad sense.”

The home buying or selling experience should open doors into the entire community and provide a sense of self as much as a sense of home.

The bees have now had a full day to adapt to their new surroundings. Soon, they will form a new partnership in the life of the builder, Real Estate Agent and apitherapist who makes “wholesome” his goal for each day and each encounter.

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