Selling: Picture Perfect

Selling: Picture Perfect

When do we catch the selling bug? You know the feeling. Selling is not at the forefront of your mind, or at least you do not perceive it to be. You wake up every day and naturally step into the usual and comfortable routine. Everything about your home fits snuggly around your activities and personalities. Then, one evening around the dinner table, one of you mentions the photo of a house you saw in a magazine.

It is in another town. Actually, it is in another state. All of a sudden, imagining the move as a sort of fresh start in the course of the established order of things seems utterly exciting. A spark is lit. Your imagination keeps the flame alive over a period of time. Your shared vision calls you to action. There is no turning back. One morning, you pause on your way out to work. The Real Estate agent has posted the For Sale sign. You smile. Something new is about to unfold.

As with any new routine, preparations for selling your home will bring excitement, followed by doubt, followed by more excitement and yet more doubt. This is, after all, a creative process. Here lies your success.

Doubt is not an obstacle; it is the result of your natural instinct to seek self-preservation. It will call your attention to pause and reflection. It is time to revise your strategy. It is time to brainstorm with your Real Estate agent. It is time, also, to remember to enjoy the process. One way to do this is to keep pampering your current home.

Every season offers its share of opportunities to display your home in its best light. Your home has become a precious object on display. It must appeal to your audience. You are not giving up on it; you are releasing it to a new story. Dress it up for the occasion. You will have fun doing so and may actually find ideas for your next home at the same time.

The first thing to catch your audience’s eye is outside appearance. Make sure images you use on MLS listings are up to date. If you placed your home on the market shortly before autumn arrived, replace them with new pictures of your home in all its autumn glory. Do not forget to do the same for indoor photos that show windows and do not forget to add an autumn touch to your decor here and there.

Outdated pictures are obvious when the seasons change and can send an unintentional message. Keeping your home and marketing photographs in season is a simple way to provide a creative outlet for your selling process while showing off your property in its best seasonal attire.

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