Set the Stage – Color Staging

Set the Stage – Color Staging

Most home sellers instinctively know that a clutter-free home is far more likely to appeal to buyers. De-cluttering is the number one home staging strategy. It requires time and a good sense of organization, but usually little, if any, investment.

When preparing your home for the market, keep in mind that we, humans, are animals with a keen sense of sight. Not every home-buyer will like your furniture, but they can appreciate how it defines your space. Color and light, on the other hand, affect nearly all home-buyers. Thus “Color Staging” should not be overlooked.

We assume that the more neutral the colors, the more appealing a home may be to more buyers. This is a mistake. Imagine being introduced to a person wearing a monotone outfit and who greets you with a monotone face that reveals neither smile nor frown. You would not feel drawn to this person, would you?

Neutral colors, and certainly white, make a room invisible, cautions California-based design psychologist Constance Forrest. “White is a missed opportunity to create a feeling in the space. It doesn’t help buyers imagine themselves in the home,” Forrest says.

Rest assured; though a new, slightly more daring color on some walls would certainly add pizazz to your home, you can avoid embarking on an extravagant and energy-sapping painting spree. Colorful accessories in strategic places can transform the color palette and appeal of your home, revealing an environment that captures the imagination and helps buyers envision life within your four walls. Like discretely emerging flowers in the spring, the right touches of color provide a burst of vitality.

There is a difference between the careful use of accessories to accent your home and other objects that fall into the clutter, or superfluous category. The framed family photos assembled on the mantelpiece are perfect decorative items for you, but not for home-buyers who want to picture how their own story might unfold in their new home. However, you can add color, depth to the space and draw attention to the craftsmanship of the mantelpiece with a vase or animal sculpture or plant.

Colorful accessories do more than merely add color; they are a great means by which to draw attention to specific areas of your home. For instance, the elegant vase with a touch of red on the dining room sideboard will guide the eye to the distant corner and add perspective to the room.

Think of each room as a vast horizon that unfolds before you. Use colorful accessories, in keeping with your overall décor of course, but colorful nonetheless, to bring home-buyers into the space by guiding their gaze to unique features.

Finally, remember this: Less is more. One vase will do, one subtly playful cushion, one cleverly positioned accent rug to lead the way and gaze. Often, you may already have colorful accessories on hand. Remember that their impact is reduced when they are amongst other objects of similar shape or color; it is enhanced when they stand alone.

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