Simply Sherry

Simply Sherry

Village of Stowe - Luigi Lucioni - 1931

A young couple entered the office lobby with a spark of excitement in their eyes. You could sense that the prospect of an important new step in their lives was causing some measure of uncertainty, overshadowed by the exhilaration of knowing they had reached a place in their lives where this sort of venture was possible.

They approached the front desk and asked for Sherry Wilson. Upon being paged, her cheerful voice immediately announced, “I’ll be right there!” Footsteps down the stairs followed instantly.

They sat in the lobby, chatting, as long-time acquaintances catching up, though in reality this was their first face-to-face encounter. The young man and woman had Sherry’s full attention and immediately knew this was a woman of action. After getting a sense of what was required, she promptly began to collect and assemble documentation for properties that best suited their needs and criteria.

It might not surprise you to hear that Sherry has a background in the hospitality industry. Her extensive résumé includes: nanny to a globe-trotting family and managing Stowe’s Edson Hill Manor. “I backed into Real Estate as a gofer, a tour guide and a secretary who couldn’t type. This was all good training,” Sherry announces, smiling her playful, confident smile.

Sherry knows Vermont from many perspectives. Her great-grandfather built a summer cottage in Colchester in the early 1900’s. This place played a significant role in Sherry’s life growing up. She later learned to ski on Mount Mansfield and graduated from college to ski-industry jobs. “I’ve never had a 9-to-5 job,” she points out, “but I have had four jobs at once and also experienced the thrill of selling a ski lodge where I had once worked for food and lodging at $25 per week!” More smiles.

Sherry’s multi-disciplinary experience, along with her long-established residency in this community, means she can provide clients with historical perspective. When a house comes on the market, Sherry knows its chronology, renovation history and even urban legends. Meanwhile, her natural hospitality skills provide the desire to serve clients, many of whom return the favor by becoming repeat clients and friends.

“It all falls into place,” says Sherry. “At first, it can seem out of reach, but can and does all fall into place.” This, for Sherry, is a challenge worth sharing and worth pursuing. “A lot of apparently highly improbable dreams turn out to be possible with a little creative effort,” she adds.

Creativity lends perspective. Sherry observes, “Our market has not crashed. Stagnant, yes; crashed, no. Vermont has consistently been on the list of states with the fewest foreclosures. We could look at this as positive rather than negative, as it bodes well for one’s investment in the future.”

Sherry joined Pall Spera Company in 1993. Today, in the office lobby, the young couple marches out the door, smiling, property photographs and information in hand, with Sherry closing the march while announcing the grand features of their morning itinerary. The next step: home tours; already the next step. This, they think, is moving along nicely.

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