Stowe, Chuck’s Way

Stowe, Chuck’s Way

Submitted by Chuck Heingartner – From the Stowe Village Office

I coach the U14 boys’ team with Jamie Birmingham who is the varsity coach at Stowe High School. I have played soccer since I was around six years old and have been coaching this group since I started coming to Stowe around ten years ago, when my son was three years old. It gives me great joy to see the kids grow up and play soccer and to give back to the community. Stowe is a great place to bring up kids and we are all very fortunate to live where we do and have a great sense of community.

Spring is here and the mountain bike trails are alive and in great shape. Stowe has become a town well known for its mountain biking and tremendous trail network. I have had about seven mountain bike rides to date and hope to have many more before the snow flies again.

The Stowe Mountain Bike Club has done an incredible job with the trail networks on both private and town land. They have also done a great job getting grants to help build and maintain the trails. We have passion for the mountain and snow in riding, skiing or flying down on our mountain bikes after a long climb to the top. It is also a great way to workout and no better place then outside in this great place, Stowe, VT.

I have gone to closings in Stowe with friends right after mountain bike rides and playing golf at Spruce Peak. We will be up at Stowe Mountain Lodge this weekend and I hope to get some photos from the incredible golf course and the mountain.

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