Tailored Rentals

Tailored Rentals

The holiday season is approaching and it might be nice to rent a home for an extended vacation to experience a glimpse of the neighborhood or lifestyle that appeals to you. If you have never done this, you may not know quite where to begin or what to expect.

This is an interesting exercise, because unlike reserving a hotel room or resort cabin, renting a specific home provides an opportunity to experience some of the home buying process. You have a specific location and home style in mind and thus may approach this with already rather streamlined expectations. This is not bad. Knowing what you want will help you clarify your needs and determine your own flexibility parameters.

I have asked our rental team, Alison Cabot and Xander Paumgarten, to explain how they match your requirements to a desirable home.

Guests usually inquire about rentals after seeing our ads, visiting our website or being referred to us”, says Alison Cabot, “Determining how many people will be living in a rental property is a good starting point”, she adds, “but more than this, we need to take into consideration the distinctive needs of children, babies and adults. We must also accommodate the family pet. This impacts the number of bedrooms required, whether it is appropriate for sleeping quarters to be on a second floor and what type of bedroom is suitable to different individuals. For instance, children are more likely to be able to sleep in bunks – in fact, they think this is pretty cool.”

“Our clients often have very specific types of homes in mind”, she continues, “from modern to newly built, traditional or possessing a country charm. We help them prioritize. Do they prefer to be close to town or in a secluded setting? Would they like mountain views, a hot tub, a game room? Prioritizing is very important. Most homes will not have all desired amenities.”

“Most importantly”, chimes in Xander Paumgarten, “Price range matters much. This factor can trump any of the above preferences. The guest will typically find homes average between $150 and $250 per bedroom. That rate can be impacted up or down by the condition, style, number of nights for the rental, location and overall desirability of that property for any one particular customer”. He continues, “There is often an education process on pricing for both the guest and for the homeowner.”

Xander explains that, realistically, the price range for such rental does not necessarily correlate to the value or appeal of the house outside of the rental context. With proper market information, guests and homeowners recognize this. It opens the door to negotiations and an opportunity to gain much valuable experience to bring into the next transaction.

“We find the properties that rent most belong to those owners willing to deviate from their ideal price”, says Alison as she continues, “Individual rental rates are not published”. This is a very important and appreciated point in this time of greater concern for personal privacy.

The holidays are fast approaching and we still feel the pinch of recession, but the rental inventory is very significant and varied. Alison and Xander observe a good flow of rental customers, large inventory and a downward price trend. Clearly, they have developed a service and guidance process that supports homeowners and renters with equal consideration and attention to detail.

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