The Art Of Negotiation

The Art Of Negotiation

If you happen to follow us on Facebook, you might have noticed a series of posts pertaining to negotiation skills in our “Buyers’ Corner” segment.

Negotiation is, indeed, an art. Real Estate negotiation, whether it involves a residential or commercial property, places us in a position where tact, intelligence and self-awareness often turn out to be our best allies. This is a concept we can grasp once we have experienced it. It is often grasped in hindsight, when we examine the situation with fresh eyes, especially when it has been a difficult process.

As I researched professional sources for the Facebook posts, I began to wonder how I might further develop this fascinating topic, for it applies in every aspect of our lives as members of a community; as much with our neighbors as with our colleagues.  It is difficult to put into words, but not for William Ury, whom I discovered thanks to a video my colleague, Lisa Grady, sent me yesterday. I have posted it below, but first let me tell you a little bit about the speaker and share a quote from him.

“I have yet to see a conflict that cannot be transformed”, states William Ury. This is a power statement. It demands that we ask, “How is this possible? What must we know or do in order to transform a conflict? Is this really true of any conflict?

William Ury is the author of  “Getting to Yes,” which explores an elegant way to create agreement in even the most difficult situations. He is also a mediator who has been involved in the resolution of international conflicts. The following talk was recorded in October 2010. I’ll let him engage your mind with his thought-provoking proposition. Enjoy.

You can link directly to this video HERE.

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