The Feeling Is Mutual

The Feeling Is Mutual

“I enjoy seeing what is important to people and how they perceive beauty.” These are the words of Sharon Bateman, of the Pall Spera Company Stowe Village Office. They echo the sentiments of the entire team.

Helping someone purchase or sell a home is a very intimate thing and a unique way to encounter new ideas and values and the unique individuals who share them. Yesterday, I took a moment to acknowledge the positive feedback from sellers and buyers toward our Real Estate agents. This observation brings up another very important point: the gratitude of our agents toward the hundred of folks they meet in the course of their careers.

Nancy Durand speaks volumes when she says, “The people are the best part.” Judy Foregger delights in working with the young, bold home-buyers she encounters. There is something about the realm of creativity and open-mindedness people freely embrace when placing their homes on the market or seeking a new dwelling to call home. It is a very vulnerable position, even for a seasoned Real Estate investor, and “Selling Vermont to those who appreciate it as much as we do”, in the words of Penny Mason-Anderson, is no small order. However, this is precisely what connects agents and their clients.

Pall Spera discovered Stowe in the 1960’s, on skis, like many of his clients. “It felt like home,” he adds, “Vermont was a wonderful frontier.” It has a spirit of its own and it is this spirit that draws people here and that turns clients into friends.

Bob McLeod speaks for himself, as well as for his colleagues, when he talks of the rewards of his career. “To me, the rewards of this profession are that I can practice it here, I can find a variety in each day and I meet many interesting and unforgettable people. I am particularly grateful to the many clients and customers whom I have had the pleasure of working with over the years, many of whom we number amongst our closest friends.”

Agents and clients meet where their passions for the lifestyle that exits here intersect. The feelings of appreciation and gratitude expressed by clients toward our agents are mutual – very much so. Thank you.

(Now, what am I going to write about at Thanksgiving?!!)

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