The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers

In spite of all contrary evidence, it is spring. Increasingly, radio talk shows’ feature professional horticulturists who share tricks of the trade and ideas for serious and amateur gardeners and flower enthusiasts.

If you are selling your home and think you do not have time for the garden or flowerbeds, think again. Landscaping and flowers are amongst your best allies.

Though you may very well not have space or time for a garden, bringing flowers in and around your home is an important part of showing it at its best. Furthermore, the little time and effort required from you will likely turn into a blessing in disguise as you discover that it provides a peaceful moment to collect your thoughts.

A study led by Jeannette Haviland-Jones, professor of psychology at Rutgers, New Jersey, revealed that of three gifts of similar value – flowers, scented candles and a fruit basket – flowers were the only gift to elicit feelings of wellness and to alter mood positively. In fact, flowers are recognized as the only gift that creates “universal” delight.

It is true that selling your home can add a lot to your to-do list. Keep it simple. You can still add color and life to your home very simply with strategically placed potted flowers. For example, tasteful, not too ornate urn planters on each side of the entrance and a nice vase on the table are like a quiet welcoming party waiting to reveal a warm smile at first sight.

In the realm of Real Estate, flowers send a message that exceeds their inherent charm and beauty. They say, “This place is full of life and the people who currently live here value their home”. As for the inside, a nice flower vase in the foyer, the kitchen table or in the bedroom says, “Welcome home!”

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