The Right Touch

The Right Touch

“Should I keep my home on the market during the holidays?” she asked. “Absolutely!” replied her agent, without hesitation. “It may be called the Christmas or Holiday Season, but this does not mean everything stops.”

Show your beautiful home while it is adorned with holiday cheer. Buyers are visiting the area, to ski and for a taste of the Christmas spirit that is unique to New England. Many return year after year, hoping for the right home to become theirs.

Alright, so you have decided to keep your home on the market through the holidays. How much should you decorate? Should you be concerned that your decorations indicate your religious allegiances? Might that not offend some potential buyers?

Though Vermont visitors come from diverse backgrounds and faiths, they appreciate the flavor of a genuine Vermont Christmas, for it is rich in color and tradition. Allow some of this spirit in your home, but in moderation. Follow these simple decorating rules if your home is on the market during the holidays. You may adapt to your particular tradition.

  • Avoid blocking pathways or blocking the view from the road to the front of your home. You are selling the house, after all, not your Christmas decorations!
  • Consider displaying a smaller tree this year. A large tree can make a beautiful and spacious room feel crowded and much smaller than it is in reality. You might also adopt a minimalist approach to tree decorating.
  • Do not crowd the tree base with presents. Three or four festively wrapped items will add a nice touch without becoming a focal point. Stash other gifts out of sight.
  • Avoid banners or any sort of decoration that can obstruct the view or path between rooms. Especially avoid wrapping stair railings with garlands. An unobstructed railing is not only safer, but it also provides a pleasing, open view point and allows buyers to appreciate the workmanship of special features. For this reason also, avoid crowding the fireplace mantel with decorations.
  • Avoid incense. This is true at any time of year. Many people are very sensitive to perfumes and it is nearly impossible to find a fragrance that appeals to everyone.

Capture the spirit, but keep it simple. Finally, one of the best things you can do during the holiday season, while your home is on the market, is to share some edible delights. If you happen to be of a non-Christian persuasion, why not share a few bite-size delicacies from your own culture? Add a bit of hot cider and perhaps a nice centerpiece made of pine cones and evergreen branches and you are ready for a heartwarming Holiday Season experience for everyone passing through your door.

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