The Price We Pay

The Price We Pay

Why Vermont? Why Morrisville, why Stowe, why Waterbury? Why Cambridge and Johnson and Hardwick and Wolcott? Many believe that the cost of living is too high in most of these communities. I would argue that measuring the cost of living based on an income to expense ratio is no longer good math. Quality of life must be part of the equation as well.

Long-established residents and habitual vacationers have watched this area grow. By growth, I do not so much refer to development as I mean services and community life in general. Look at our schools, our theater productions, our museums and galleries, the quality and diversity of events available at any time of the year, on any given week and the evidence of common action for the common good all around us in every single one of the towns that form this and surrounding communities.

The people who live here fall within one or many of the following categories: They are people who want to live well, people who want to share their knowledge and talent, people with high values, people who care about education and the environment and people who value quality. They are visionaries, world-renowned artists, musicians, inventors and people who value what they have.

Writing this Blog has led me to discover how much more there is to this corner of Vermont than I ever knew. On any given day, even a newcomer can walk safely outside and meet friendly faces. On any day, it is merely impossible to be bored or isolated. There is opportunity to see something, learn something, meet someone, dive in and get involved within a few steps of every door.

All of this converges to create the character of Stowe, Morrisville, Waterbury and other surrounding communities. Any existing home or apartment, every property and dwelling is a resting place in the midst of a web of activity and life for which there is no price. This is our wealth. It is priceless. We pay the greatest price when we do not indulge in it.

Click HERE for a delightful little video clip about Vermont.

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