The Vote Is In

The Vote Is In

In order to sell properties, a Real Estate Agent must be licensed in the state in which he or she works. Licensure is based on rigorous standards of education and experience. Furthermore, Real Estate agents must subscribe to a strict code of ethics which reaches beyond state law. Doctors and lawyers must adhere to a code of ethics as well, but you and I know that this does not necessarily always override bad attitudes and offensive personalities, does it?

In one of my roles at Pall Spera Company, besides writing, I happen to handle comments and notes we receive from sellers and buyers working with our agents. Though I honestly enjoy every single person I work with, I have not had a chance to see them in action. However, I know that the sort of work they do requires an ability to develop quick and honest relationships with strangers who trust them to represent their most valuable property and future.

To date, after over a year with the Pall Spera Team, I do not recall ever seeing a negative comment about any of our agents. In fact, the comments I have read very specifically point out grateful satisfaction with the high level of integrity, tact and professionalism our clients have observed. One of two statements appears on nearly every letter and thank you note we receive: “_______ went above and beyond” or “______ was a wonderful help and support through a very stressful time.”

A Real Estate agent is bound by legal obligations: To put the client’s interests above anyone else’s, to keep the client’s information confidential, to obey the client’s lawful instructions, to report to the client anything that would be useful and to account to the client for any money involved. I cannot help but think that even when all obligations are met, there is room and opportunity for clashing personalities in any transaction involving human interaction.

This, I believe, is what is meant by a code of ethics that reaches beyond state law. Reaching beyond is not something that happens out there; it is something that takes place at a personal level. It requires tact, compassion, patience and intelligence. It is a talent. It is the willingness to make room for sensitivity. It is the ability to be at once guide, counsel and servant.

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