The Wall

The Wall

Facebook was launched in 2004. Social Media Today estimates that, by April 2010, 41.6% of the U.S. population had a Facebook account. Fast forward to January 2011 and Facebook counts over 600 million active users. Current US population according to the Census Bureau Population Clock: 310,831,371.

Let’s say you are selling a product. Let’s say that your house is your product. Can you imagine the resources and investment that reaching such a wide audience with pen and paper or postcard marketing might represent? What about your For Sale sign? Individuals who drive by or live locally are likely to see it, but what of the countless others who might be thinking about moving this way as we speak?

To be honest, when I initially began my role in the Social Media chair at Pall Spera Company, I was rather skeptical. I did not have a personal Facebook account at that time. In fact, I had vouched never to get one. Years earlier, I had vouched never to use a computer. I was hooked seconds after sitting in front of my first keyboard and screen. Though I am not hooked on Facebook, I absolutely recognize its value as a networking and marketing tool; a fantastic tool, in fact.

The now legendary Facebook Wall is a canvas. This is where Real Estate professionals, and others pursuing marketing goals, develop relationships and a personality. Every comment, every interaction, every conversation positions a business name and brand on the Wall. Every appearance is an invitation, a doorway, a window of opportunity for yet one more person to “check us out”, end up on our website and discover our product; your home. Facebook is one of the top three sites used to access our website.

This cannot be accomplished haphazardly. It requires much thought and diligent application of ethical standards. For this reason also, Facebook and Social Media are fascinating tools, for it is very rewarding to research content and ways to present it while keeping in mind not only the audience, but also those we serve in the process. It is an exercise in creativity, judgment and ethics.

These last three words illustrate a commitment. They are the suit, tie and proper table manners at the public function, the very attributes that lead to good relationships and mutual success. Social Media offer a virtual space for grand encounters.

OK… I guess I am hooked!

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