Trendy Thursdays – The Moving Dance

Trendy Thursdays – The Moving Dance

The For Sale sign in front of the neighbor’s house, and the moving van that arrives and leaves, reveal immediate changes in the community. A bird’s eye view, or in our times a webcam view from the International Space Station, would reveal a complex migration choreography with For Sale sings going up and down, vans coming and going and families hopping from one dwelling to the next throughout their lives, some more than others depending on their circumstances. Interestingly, most of this activity takes place at a relatively local level.

The Human Development Report observes that, ““Discussions about migration typically start from the perspective of flows from developing countries into the rich countries of Europe, North America and Australasia. Yet most movement in the world does not take place between developing and developed countries; it does not even take place between countries. The overwhelming majority of people who move do so inside their own country.”

The Human Development Report is an independent publication commissioned by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Its wealth of empirical data and innovative approach to measuring development has a profound impact on development philosophy around the world.

The report continues, “Most migrants, internal and international, reap gains in the form of higher incomes, better access to education and health, and improved prospects for their children.”

Once again, we can understand the word “migrant” as referring to individuals of foreign nationalities, but read the above statement again. It very concisely and eloquently summarizes the motivations for regional migrations. Interestingly, the Human Development Report also observes that, “Once established, migrants are often more likely than local residents to join unions or religious and other groups.”

According to the Multiple Listings System, there are currently 507 active listings in Lamoille County, 80 of which were listed between April 15 and today.

Our state, counties and towns are many-layered microcosms where population shifts mirror the fluctuations that occur globally, and if economic considerations have a part to play in our moving dance, then these numbers might add spring to our steps: The 2010 Census places the National Median Household Income in the U.S. at $51,177. The Median Income for Lamoille County: $52,388.

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