Trendy Tuesdays – Spring Fever

Trendy Tuesdays – Spring Fever

Spring, at last. I am certain there are statistics somewhere about spring fever and the sudden urge to remove clutter and refresh one’s surroundings when the winter months give way to warmer days and the evidence of new life all around us, at least here in the Northern hemisphere.

According to Lending Tree, “60% of America’s moves take place in the summer,” adding that, “Traditionally, spring is the hottest season for Real Estate. Sales peak in April and May and stay strong in June and July.” Bear in mind that some of the homes that sell in spring and summer were likely placed on the market months earlier.

Spring-cleaning and the desire for change may also find incentive for bolder moves in the fact that spring is also tax refund time, a time when some people may feel increased confidence in their buying power.

Thus, spring sales may be driven as much by the homebuyer’s inner garden, so to speak, as by the blooming gardens and emerging shades of green that enhance the beauty and appeal of coveted properties.

In any event, your home is a place that is full of life year round. It requires tender, loving care in any season, regardless of whether you choose to sell in the spring, summer, winter or fall. If you have looked at listings, you may have come across the words “move-in-ready” or “move-in-condition”. Often, the homes we fall in love with have had a good, long life and though some may truly be ancient, if they were well cared for they are as radiant as the face of a person whose complexion reflects a life well lived in spite of the 90+ springs running in her veins.

I like how the Mothley Fools see this. They say, “As a homeowner, you’ll find it easy to think of your home as a piece of your overall portfolio. You’re the CEO of 1412 Maple Lane… Make the most out of this piece of your portfolio by… making necessary upgrades to extend the life of your home — and enhance your time there.” They add, “In fact, you should approach the housing market — your housing market — with the attitude of a buy-and-hold investor. Long-term buyers know that they will most likely be rewarded, despite the market’s day-to-day ups and downs. Time in the market is a lot easier than market timing.”

Spring-cleaning is a time for bold moves, when we suddenly paint the family room a rich, earthy orange shade that uplifts the spirit. Perhaps this is the key, far more than season itself. Perhaps the right time to sell is when we feel the most uplifted in our own space, when we know we have lived well there and are able to convey this vibrancy to others

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