Trendy Tuesdays – Street to Screen… to Sweets

Trendy Tuesdays – Street to Screen… to Sweets

74% of homebuyers begin their search online. 69% begin by contacting an agent directly and 22% look for yard signs as their first step. Today’s QR technology is already converting many yard sign hunters to Internet researchers.

QR stands for “Quick Response”. It consists in a coded image added to the For Sale sign and acts a bit like the barcode on products at the grocery store. It allows homebuyers to use their cell phone camera to scan the code, which opens a direct link to the property on the Realtor’s website, for immediate access to additional photos and information.

Between January 1 and today, the Pall Spera Company website has had over 100 thousand page views. This represents a lot of exposure for sellers in this area and demonstrates, once again how important the Internet is as a Real Estate tool.

Homebuyers use it to find homes away from home as well as in their own neighborhoods. Home Sellers use it to research the market and make important decisions regarding pricing and upgrades. Today, home sellers and buyers can feel more confident about their selling and searching strategies because they have access to valuable, detailed information at the touch of a button. The well-informed seller or buyer is better equipped not only to reach their goals, but also to seek out the best agent to assist in the process and to develop a true partnership with their agent as well.

Oh! Speaking of relationships. Easter is this weekend. You know what that means don’t you? Chocolate. Nearly 71 million pounds of chocolate is sold at Easter time; that is 23 million more than for Valentine’s Day.

Where do I see a connection between chocolate and Real Estate? Well, if you know someone who is moving to a new home around this time, you might offer a care package that includes playful, Easter bunny chocolates (it provides energy too). If they have children, add some candy-filled eggs. This will give them a good excuse to acclimate the kids to their new home with a fun egg hunt.

You might also welcome the new family moving in next door with a basket of playful Easter chocolates, local snacks and cheeses. It does not matter how or whether your neighbors celebrate Easter at all. The sweetness of the gesture will reach beyond property lines and beliefs.

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