Trendy Tuesdays – The VT Economic-Demographic Profile.

Trendy Tuesdays – The VT Economic-Demographic Profile.

Storefronts and Inns that become traditional landmarks reveal, very clearly, the ability of entrepreneurs and businesses to sustain the trials of time and the variations in consumer behavior. More than this, such landmarks reveal an ability to capture and understand the tastes and needs of residents and visitors.

The Vermont Economic-Demographic Profile is a yearly report published by the Economic & Labor Market Information Section of the Vermont Department of Labor. It brings together a comprehensive analysis of variations in population, economic, housing, land use and education trends over time. It is a fascinating and truly revealing document. It speaks volumes about the success of Vermont communities.

Take population growth, for instance. According to the report, “Between 2000 and 2009, the state’s growth rate was well below the national average.” In fact, Vermont’s population is not expected to grow significantly. Though this may be cause for concern according to some observers, due to an anticipated impact on the work force, some counties have experienced population gains. “Counties experiencing the largest population gains between 2000 and 2009 were located in the northwest/northern part of the state,” indicates the report.   Lamoille County, it turns out, has experienced the most growth (11.8% compared to the 9.5% national average).

This, observes the Economic-Demographic Profile report, can be attributed to “the continued development in the towns of Stowe and Morristown where a large portion of the county’s population lives.” As you might imagine, the term “development” refers to both economic and population development. Lamoille County is a very fertile environment for artisans and entrepreneurs.

Interestingly, though the acreage associated with agriculture has declined in Vermont over time, the economic activity associated with the land has increased. Again, this is in large part due to entrepreneurial ventures and also to creative residents who espouse a lifestyle that keeps them close to the land. Self-sustainability is a flourishing trend, leading to yet more commercial endeavors and more opportunities for entire communities to partake of the richness of the land and contribute to the success of local producers.

Growth, it seems, begets growth. Likewise, locally-tended goods and services flourish into traditions and recognition, drawing like-minded people to join and expand our communities and their futures.

Click HERE for the 2010 VT Economic-Demographic Profile

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