Vermont Ranked Second Best Countrywide in Child Welfare

Vermont Ranked Second Best Countrywide in Child Welfare

Vermont Kids Count

When it comes to matters regarding child welfare, Vermont is still one of the safest places to raise a child. As far as child well-being is concerned, Vermont is ranked second throughout the country according to the 2013 Kids Count Data Book by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The research sought to establish the nature of children’s behavior in our country.

Why Vermont Ranked High

Vermont is one of the few states in the country where a lot of emphasis and value is still placed on strengthening family values. This is most evident in the school systems and recreational activities available to children and families.

Those who are considering relocating to Vermont are encouraged to visit the state and witness firsthand the high quality of living. As a state, Vermont residents are proud of their devotion to family and community involvement.  Meeting with Pall Spera Company Realtors can help establish an even better idea of what Vermont has to offer to its residents.

Based on the same survey, people who moved to Vermont from other states are immensely satisfied with their decision to relocate.  As a matter of fact, most of them value the quality of life in Vermont much more than where they lived before.

The Significance of the Study

The significance of a second place ranking from the Annie E. Casey Foundation should not be overlooked. The sole purpose of the foundation is to monitor the well-being and upbringing of the children in our country. Being acknowledged by these child development professionals is a very prestigious honor for the state of Vermont.

Apart from just monitoring the manner in which the children are being brought up, the Data Book also serves as a yardstick upon which the efforts of the state can be weighed against the rest of the country in terms of its progress.

While coming up with these results, the Data Book considered 16 different categories which states would be assessed. These are further classified under the following groups:

  • Economic Well-Being
  • Health
  • Education
  • Family and Community

The information that is collected is not just compared with other states, but it is also compared with the results that have been collected over the past years. This allows a clear view of the progress that has been made by the state so far.

According to the survey, Vermont is second to New Hampshire.  Meanwhile, states that ranked lowest include Nevada, Mississippi, and New Mexico.

The Importance of Raising a Family in Vermont

Each and every child needs to be given an opportunity to thrive. That being said, it is important to make sure that children are subsequently given a chance to grow in an environment that allows opportunities for economic security, safety, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

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