What Do I Know About Real Estate Anyway?!

What Do I Know About Real Estate Anyway?!


Michael Jackson sings “I’m a lover, not a fighter”? Well, I’m a writer, not a Real Estate agent!

Several years ago, my husband and I decided to build a new home closer to his work. We took friends’ advice and embarked on this mission, which included selling our current residence, with the notion that we could handle the entire process without professional assistance, thank you very much. Why give away precious commission money? We thought.

Fortunately, I did not know enough to argue and my husband at the time, whom I must say was very sensible about such matters as homeownership and finances, very promptly changed his mind and hired a Real Estate agent to find us a piece of land. We later hired one to sell our home.

I believe the process of searching for land was just as exhilarating as if we had done it alone. In fact, the agent found us a little chunk of land we would never have known about without him. As for selling our home, we were both reassured that it was in good hands while we were at work and we know it sold much faster with the assistance of someone who does this for a living, than when we had tried to juggle work and showings. Our agent also had something else we did not have: a good network of colleagues and clients to tap into for leads.

So we “gave away” a few thousand dollars in commission, but acquired much assistance and peace of mind in the process. More specifically, we acquired the peace of mind of knowing that the transactions we engaged in were conducted properly and in accordance with legal and ethical rules the scope of which we certainly had no way of assessing on our own.

When I initially considered writing for Pall Spera Company, I was concerned about my lack of expertise in Real Estate. Furthermore, to be honest, I did not quite feel like talking exclusively about our company or bombarding our readers with too much market analysis. As a seller and buyer, years ago, I would not have been able to relate to this.

This Blog is a voice; it is not a business report. Its goal is to share innovative ideas and food for thought, answer some questions and offer suggestions, talk about our neighborhood and explore how things are done beyond it. It is a place where you may get a glimpse of the lighthearted side of Real Estate and the human side of the Pall Spera team.

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