When Architecture Meets Poetry

When Architecture Meets Poetry

Earlier this month, our office had the pleasure of welcoming Essex Junction Architect and Interior Designer Michael Minadeo who kindly spoke to us about his philosophy and accomplishments. We were mesmerized by the fluidity of lines and the apparently effortless merging of environment and structure as Michael humbly described projects we viewed on screen. I insist on the word “humble”.

As I listened, my mind instinctively conjured up an image. I pictured our speaker on the deck of a magnificent merchant ship, perhaps around three hundred years ago, in Italy. Unlike the typical, rough-on-the-edges mariner one might expect to find there, no doubt mostly due to notions gained in movies or TV shows, he stood out as one with great composure and a natural ability to share others’ space and vision with genuine interest. I imagined him embracing each task with a sort of natural appreciation of circumstances and the ability to seize the moment with a high level of creativity and genuine willingness to contribute skill and vision without restraint. Interestingly, the projects Michael referred to during his presentation happened to be near water of one sort or another. One specifically pertained to a pool house.

The analogy, I think, is fitting, for the idea of fluidity and the sense of service are clearly expressed in Michael Minadeo’s words and deeds. As the mariner on the merchant ship must obey orders, so must the architect act within the confines of client expectations, space, light and materials; as the mariner must become highly skilled, flexible and observant, so must the architect develop both physical and mental dexterity to preserve balance; as the mariner must speak the language of the elements in order to tame them, so must the architect navigate and tame each challenge of structure and harmony.

“Our buildings adhere to the timeless principles of form and order, proportion and harmony”, reads Michael Minadeo & Partners’ Philosophy Statement… “Our approach manifests through… creating structures that not only embody their functions but also their spirit.” Michael summarized this rather poetically when he said: “Express the structure”.

The word “express” is very powerful and dynamic. It refers to movement, to an evolution of sorts from invisible possibilities to manifestation. To “express the structure”, one must have a vision, but this does not suffice; one must also have the skill to mold the structure.

Architecture is a language and a voyage; it is a poetic expression of form and function. I invite you to journey to Michael Minadeo & Partners website to admire award-winning design.

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