While in St. Barth’s

While in St. Barth’s

A December 30, Boston Herald headline reads, “Tracked Down: Meg Ryan, Doug Foregger, Russell Simmons and more…” The article continues, referring to celebrities gathering on Martha’s Vineyard, St. Barth’s and other such locations for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

While Stowe and St. Barth’s are 1925.5 miles apart, I assure you there is a connection here. Our colleagues at Country Village Rentals are that connection.

As CEO and Co-founder of Country Village Rentals, the only agency in Nantucket and Stowe offering multiple resort and destination locations in Stowe, Nantucket, St. Barth’s, Harbour Island and Lyford Cay, Bahamas, Doug Foregger meets a great number of people in diverse and fascinating settings.

It was not long after Doug returned from visiting with clients in St. Barth’s over the holidays that friends pointed out the Boston Herald article. The rather eclectic crowd for the  New Year’s celebration included Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, Mark Zuckerberg and the Black Eyed Peas, among others.

As you might imagine, this sort of gathering usually attracts and receives attention from the press, as evidenced in the Boston Herald Article. Though, it is not all that unusual for a Real Estate Rental and Sales professional who offers homes from petite to palatial to such a wide array of destinations and individuals to share a glamorous evening here and there along the way, Doug reacted to the headline with his customary humility and humor.

“While celebrities gathered in St. Barth’s”, he smiled, “John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were right here in Stowe”. You never know!

Celebrities are not the only folks who seek the perfect get-away, home or community. Likewise, home sales are not limited to one area. “Many clients come to us looking for a summer home and a winter home”, explains Doug. “It all depends on lifestyle”, he continues, “Some like to ski Mount Mansfield in winter and retreat to St. Barth’s in summer.”

“It is not unusual”, Doug explains, “for clients to own two or more homes in widely different settings”. The diversity of options for sales and rentals offered by Country Village Rentals and Pall Spera Company means the possibilities for researching and discovering the setting that best suits your fancy are nearly endless. And wherever you may land or travel, you will meet interesting people, famous people and the people who connect you with your world.

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