Lunch on a High Note

Lunch on a High Note

We are very fortunate to live in this community. It is rich with talent and a distinct interest in sharing, promoting and supporting artistic expression. I doubt there is ever a time of year one cannot see a play, hear a concert or attend some other form of artistic event in Stowe and the surrounding communities. However, it is easy to forget this is right under our noses. The day to day activities we place on our calendar so easily grab a hold of our attention.

As unseasonably cool as the breeze may be on this early spring day, I can easily picture sitting at an outdoor concert while sipping tea and enjoying a light lunch. This is precisely what Stowe residents and visitors can do every Wednesday of this month, as Stowe Performing Arts presents “Noon Music in May” at the Stowe Community Church.

The series began last Wednesday with Chad R. Bowles. On Wednesday the 12th, violinist Kenji Bunch will bring music to our ears and mountains. If you visit the Stowe Performing Arts website, you will find that “Mr. Bunch has become one of New York’s premiere interpreters of new and experimental music.”

How many Stowe and local residents have the ability to get away from their busy schedule to fill their ears and souls with a moment of pure auditory bliss? Many I hope. It would be interesting to take a head. How have these events’ popularity grown over the years amongst residents? How about amongst visitors?

I remember sitting through a wonderful concert at the Helen Day Art Center gazebo one evening, a few years ago. Such moments of carefree joy seem to interrupt very deeply ingrained patterns in the mind and body. They have the ability to shift moods and perspective and provide a sense of healing that may very well last well beyond the moment. Will you be there?

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