Why Stowe?

Why Stowe?


This photo was taken by pdbreen, courtesy of flickr.

This photo was taken by pdbreen, courtesy of flickr.

Many years ago, my sister and I met a ski instructor who had come from Hungary. We asked how he landed in Stowe. I have since heard the response he gave us from innumerable others: I came on a vacation, fell in love with everything about this place and soon could not resist moving here.

Like this man, some of our agents moved here from another state or country. When I first sought to acquaint myself with my new colleagues and read their background, I soon discovered a common thread: A deep love for the Stowe community and for this area in general. Another common thread seemed to emerge, one that is a significant contribution to their expertise and understanding of this area. Not only do they love Stowe and its surroundings, but most are very much involved in their community; they live it.

So why Stowe? What is it about this area that our agents and so many other residents so enthusiastically call home? If they had to argue in favor of this area, what would they say?

Penny Mason-Anderson was brief and to the point: “Air quality and quality of life in general”. Xander Paumgarten and Chuck Heingartner, two very active individuals, also pointed out the amazing air quality. I believe that what is actually meant by this reaches beyond the mere intake of oxygen. What they mean is that it feels as though each breath pulls in fresh, revitalizing air and breathtaking sights all at once. In a more temporal sense, Stowe is “A true New England village with a great history going back to the 1800’s”, according to Chuck.

Remember Bidi Wheelwright? I mentioned her in an earlier post. Bidi has a great way of putting things. When asked about the good life we have here, she briskly announced “You get to meet all the people you know in the Post Office. It is sane. It is beautiful in all the four seasons. It is the best place to return to when you have been away. You wonder why you did go away.”

“Lifestyle, fresh air, open spaces and a year round calendar of things to do in Stowe and beyond, make this a healthy (mentally, spiritually and physically) place to live”, exclaims Lisa Grady. Now that is a well-rounded description of a wholesome community.

People from all over America and all around the world knock at our door seeking assistance to sell or purchase their homes. Selling property in a place such as this is not merely a business transaction. When they show a property, close on a sale or take on a new contract, our agents, and others I am sure, draw upon a deep-rooted sense of respect and love for the piece of VT they have the privilege to represent and to place in the care of new stewards.

There are places in the courses of our lives where we may move out of a sense of convenience. This is not such a place. We move to Stowe and the Lamoille County area because it pulls at our heart strings.

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