Winter Psychology

Winter Psychology

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Many people assume that winter is a lousy time to sell a home and try to hold off until spring. It is true that in spring, some biological and psychological clock seems to ring in a sense of abundance and hope. Sellers feel confident they will sell, while buyers feel confident they will find their dream home. There are simple ways to make a home attractive and tap into feelings of renewal and abundance even in the midst of winter.

Strategies to inspire sellers to prepare their homes for a winter market are not limited to mere considerations about snow removal and a welcoming hearth. Elizabeth Weintraub, a realtor and contributor to the home buying segment of, says, “Let in the Light. Pull up the blinds, open the shutters and push back the drapes on every window.”

Homeowners often believe that placing focus on décor accents, such as regal-looking window treatment, will show off their home’s personality and be a sure selling point. This is often not the case, especially in winter. Light creates space, it enhances mood and opens the mind. Of course, the windows must be impeccable.

Also turn up the heat, even a few degrees beyond the usual setting. This creates a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, and provides the overall level of comfort buyers viewing a home need so they do not to feel rushed to get back out to their warm cars.

Sellers might also consider serving “winter foods” when showing their home in winter. Avoid bite-size foods such as muffins, crackers and cheese. Serve creamy soups or stews in cups, for example. This adds warmth and makes it easy for buyers to carry their food while exploring the house. Also, most people want to be respectful of your space and will feel more at ease with foods that do not leave crumbs behind.

Making the home festive and using the season to its best advantage are other important considerations. When the holidays are over, you can still use winter wreaths, dried arrangements around the door or anything seasonally appropriate.

It is true that in some areas there may be fewer buyers during the winter months. This makes a warm welcome and a warm atmosphere even more important. Buyers are your guests for a moment.

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