Wolcott – Home to 1,500 Sheep, 200 Showrooms and 4,000 Books

Wolcott – Home to 1,500 Sheep, 200 Showrooms and 4,000 Books

The Lamoille River attracts fishermen, artists and photographers, as well as canoe and kayak enthusiasts. In Wolcott, Vermont, Fisher Bridge, an authentic railroad covered bridge, stands as a reminder of history, on the tracks that serviced the local industry when Wolcott was home to several mills and about 1,500 sheep roamed its pastures.

Wolcott was chartered in 1781. Population by 1830 was estimated at 492. It had grown to 1,798 by 2009, making Wolcott a well-established community offering both proximity to neighbors and a sense of great privacy.

General Oliver Wolcott, the second-named grantee, was held in very high esteem by Vermonters. He was a member of the Continental Congress and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Early Vermont leaders, the Allens and Chittendens, knew and had great respect for General Wolcott.

Today, Wolcott is home to other adventurous and entrepreneurial spirits whose endeavors have a significant impact on the economy of the region, granting it special recognition with area residents, seasonal residents, students and outdoors-men.

One notable example is Buck’s Furniture. The facility comprises 200 showrooms on three floors, making it an impressive landmark in the heart of Wolcott village. Beginning its original operations as a groceries and dry goods store in 1957, the family-owned and operated establishment offers one of the most diverse and expansive selection of furniture, meeting the needs and whims of seasonal and permanent home owners, families, apartment dwellers and students alike.
Sterling College also has a foothold in Wolcott via the Center for Northern Studies. This unique establishment houses renowned professors with decades of experience conveying their knowledge of the fauna, flora, peoples, natural history and processes of the Circumpolar North to earth-minded students. The Center’s remote location and habitat provide the perfect background for research and learning. The Northern Studies library contains an impressive 4,000 volumes on topics ranging from sociology to botany, native art and northern literature.

Also remote, but of great significance to area children and families, is the Magic Garden Waldorf School. The Waldorf method has a well-established reputation as a nurturing environment. Its curriculum evolves with each stage of the natural development of students from preschool to high school. It puts arts and activities at the service of academics, thus providing hands-on motivation to learn.

Wolcott offers a peaceful, out-of-the-way community life for the homesteader and for those who favor a sense of seclusion. However, it is also ideally situated for easy commute to nearby Morristown, Hyde Park, Hardwick, Johnson or Stowe, their schools and amenities. It has maintained the qualities of industry, learning and peaceful living that were established by settlers who had a sense of the practical and a love of community.

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