5 Top Towns for Your Vermont Vacation Home

5 Top Towns for Your Vermont Vacation Home

With so many beautiful places to choose from, it can be hard to pin down where you should look for your new Vermont vacation home. We’ve narrowed down the list to the top 5 towns that are ideal for those who want to purchase a property they can come to whenever they need a bit of respite. Read on to discover Vermont’s best spots for vacation real estate.

5. Burlington

As Vermont’s most populated city, Burlington doesn’t initially seem like the ideal place for a peaceful retreat. But once you see the historic buildings that line the streets downtown, and the picturesque scenes awaiting on its Lake Champlain waterfront, you’ll certainly change your mind. Because it’s home to the University of Vermont, Burlington features a youthful vibe, and the surrounding countryside gives it close proximity to scenic rural spaces.

Ranked as the best city in the country to raise a family, it’s safe to say that Burlington is a wholesome place to take your family when you need to get in some rest and relaxation. The wealth of watersport activities on Lake Champlain will keep you well entertained in the warmer months, and the many cultural sights in the city are perfect for exploring when the winter frosts the town in white.

4. Montpelier

Located in the center of the state, Montpelier serves as the capital of Vermont, and one of the most alluring vacation home destinations in the northeast. It has a small population, making it a quiet, low-key retreat that is perfect for those who need serenity. With its prevalence of arts and culture attractions, it provides vacationers plenty of opportunities for intellectual stimulation. Music fans will delight in the frequent festivals that fill the air with sounds of jazz, ethnic, and other types of tunes.

The colonial architecture of Montpelier make it an idyllic monument to traditional New England charm. Its semi-rural outskirts and tree-lined roads are especially breathtaking in the autumn, when the entire landscape comes alive in a rainbow of harvest hues. Regarded by the AARP as America’s most livable capital city, Montpelier offers low housing prices.

3. Manchester

The town of Manchester can be found in the southernmost end of Vermont, to the west. Nestled at the base of Mount Equinox, Manchester offers breathtaking landscape views year round. Those who purchase a vacation home in the old-world-style village will be able to pick from a variety of activities no matter which season they come to stay: fishing, skiing, golfing, and shopping are just a few of the popular pastimes in this enchanting town.

Whether you’re looking for a charming colonial home in the village or a more pastoral estate in the countryside, you’ll have no problem finding beautiful options for vacation homes in Manchester.

2. Killington

Killington is a high altitude getaway perched among the Green Mountains of southwest Vermont, making it a paradise for hikers, skiers, and anyone who loves a more rustic lifestyle. Fresh powder can be found in the winters at the Killington Resort Ski Area, and a multitude of trails lead to adventure throughout the forests in the warmer seasons. But rugged thrills and exploration aren’t all Killington has to offer; in the downtown area, you’ll find a vibrant nightlife scene that will add some spice to your vacations.

But nature sports and exploration isn’t all Killington has to offer; in the downtown area, you’ll find a vibrant nightlife scene that will add some spice to your vacations. The luxurious styling of many of the area’s properties ensure that vacation home buyers will enjoy the perfect blend of sophistication and the rugged outdoors.

1. Stowe

Found in north-central Vermont, Stowe is another blissful mountain town that is one of the most popular destinations for vacationers. That’s because Stowe has something for everyone. The romantics can snuggle up in classic horse-drawn carriage rides, and the sporty types can head to the ski slopes, or even out for some authentic dog-sledding come winter. Nature lovers will especially like Stowe in Autumn, when they can walk through the woods witnessing the beauty of the color-changing foliage and gentle creeks that cross over the land.

Stowe has many other attractions, including a thriving theatre scene, special festivals during Christmas, outdoor adventures such as zip-lining and rock climbing, and even fantastic shopping. Vacation homes in Stowe are available for every budget, so whether you’re looking for a quaint cottage or a luxury villa, this town is the perfect place to start searching.

If you’d like to take the first steps toward buying a beautiful vacation home of your own in Stowe or any other of Vermont’s beautiful destinations, contact us at Pall Spera today. We’d be delighted to help you find the special getaway you deserve. Our specialty lies in finding properties that match every buyer’s unique needs and preferences, ensuring that each one of our clients finds the perfect vacation home for them. With over 25 agents on board, our team is ready to begin your quest for the ideal getaway abode.

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