5 Fun Things to Do in Stowe Vermont Besides Skiing

5 Fun Things to Do in Stowe Vermont Besides Skiing

Stowe Vermont has so much to offer during the winter season. While it is home to some of the best places in the world to ski, Stowe is NOT just for adventurers. While many people sneak away to Stowe during the ski season there is plenty to do besides hit the slopes.

Here are just 5 of the most fun things to do in Stowe Vermont besides skiing:

1. Relax and Rejuvenate at the Spa. When temperatures get below 30 °F it’s a great time to pamper yourself or the ones you love. Consider a spa day that includes amenities including an all-day soak at the lounge, indoor pools, juice bars, jacuzzis, massage specialists, facials and so many more amazing ways to feel restored when the weather starts to take it out of you! Some of the most well-known spas in the Stowe Vermont area include: Topnotch Resort & Spa (where it’s all about you), Spa at Stowe Mountain Lodge (relaxation that comes naturally) and The Swimming Hole (a small town non-profit).

2. Take a Sip. Unwinding and soaking up all the flavors of the season is a super fun way to spend time with loved ones and family, or even meet some new friends! Some of the best places in Stowe to tip back a glass include Stowe Cider where you can enjoy a tasting room featuring a variety of ciders like the Route 100 – a semi-dry cider back sweetened with 100% locally sourced apples. Or the High & Dry, a brut cider with a crisp and refreshing taste. Thirsty for more? Take the Stowe Beer Tour! You’ll get the chance to sample the region’s best handcrafted beers at 15 different microbreweries – take up to 5 of your friends or family members along with you, too!Book your tour today!

3. Jam Out. The music scene in Stowe Vermont is nothing to sneeze at and even though some people with have to pack along packets of Kleenex… it’s worth checking out. Consider the Stowe’s concert venues including Bell Centre, the Metropolis, the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts and the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center are all close by. They could be hosting your favorite artist this week!

4. There’s No Bridge Too Far. Did you know that there are over 100 covered bridges in the Stowe Vermont area? They make for a wonderful nature walk and are also a great opportunity to take memorable photographs that will last you a lifetime. Some of the covered bridges of Vermont are historically cherished and will make for an exciting discovery!

5. Let it Go to The Dogs. If you are an adventurer at heart but aren’t up for strapping on skis, that’s ok! You can still satisfy your spirit as a spectator of <a href="http://www.voga premarin pills.org/dog_sledding.htm”>Vermont’s Dog Sled Races. There are plenty of opportunities during the winter season to take in this unique experience. Take the little ones along too and let them enjoy a dog sledding ride on a sleigh pulled by a team of Siberian Huskies running through the wilderness. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere!

If you are a local resident of Stowe or just visiting, there are tons of things to do in Vermont! These are just 5 options but your choices are truly limitless when you consider all that Stowe Vermont has to offer. If nothing on this list tickles your fancy, a scenic drive down Vermont Route 108 will take you through Mount Mansfield State Forest – and road trips rock! No matter what you decide to do, having fun in Stowe is never a troublesome task.


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