A Buyer’s Guide for Your Dream Waterbury, VT Home

A Buyer’s Guide for Your Dream Waterbury, VT Home

To find your Waterbury, Vermont home you’ll need a buyer’s guide that ends in success. Here is a quick reference to help you begin and take those first steps towards Vermont’s magnificent scenery, history and opportunities for luxurious living.

Get to Know the Process. Many homes in the Waterbury area go unlisted in order to protect the privacy of the seller. You can find these properties though your own personal Realtor connections instead of using the MLS system. You may also want to take advantage of online sources because you won’t always find everything on the biggest search engines like Google, or Yahoo.

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover. The photos you see based on the front elevation may be deceiving. Some large homes often are not photogenic and you really have to take a look in person to get a good feel of a property. Do a search of the area on Google maps to see what else the property offers besides what you see in initial photographs.

Find an Expert. Having a good buyer agent who is familiar with the Waterbury area is vital to finding the right home for you. They are likely to have more access to properties and be able to schedule appointments you may not be able to get.

Keep Documentation. Having your financial documentation on hand is invaluable! If you have an account manager to help show the bank proof of your income and investments you’ll be under less scrutiny that is common in the market today.

Negotiate.The view of a property, its individual characteristics or remodeling makes them one-of-a-kind. If you have an agent, ask them to compare your dream home to properties in the area that have recently sold. Get the closing prices before you make an offer.

The exciting journey of buying your dream home in North West Vermont all starts with one step: deciding where to live. And who wouldn’t want to live in Waterbury? With year-round adventures you’ll be able to enjoy the rivers of the Green Mountains in the summer, Stowe Mountain Resort with its hundreds of miles of skiable terrain in the winter and backcountry where you can take to the trail networks any time of year. Waterbury is where outdoor enthusiasts really get to play! Pack your backpack, bring your bike, or even swim in the 900-acre Waterbury Reservoir. Outdoor living is always in season!

But won’t get your dream house if you find it just as someone else is making an offer. Get the edge you need by following this simple buyer’s guide.


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