Moving to Morrisville, VT

Moving to Morrisville, VT

Have you been pondering the perfect place for your next move? Morrisville may be the provincial paradise of your dreams. Morrisville is a small, charming town with just over 2,000 residents counted in the 2013 census. It is a brief 20 minute drive from Stowe, just east of Mt. Mansfield.

In the past decade, home and condo values in Morrisville have doubled and continue to rise, but are still highly affordable. This situation makes Morrisville homes great investment purchases, to be enjoyed for their wonderful surroundings for years, then sold at a great profit. Of course, Morrisville is also an idyllic place to settle in permanently. With its friendly atmosphere and picturesque countryside, the town couldn’t be a more restful place for full-time living, or even yearly holidays.

Its suitability for relaxing retreats has helped Morrisville become one of Vermont’s most popular vacation villages. Many of Vermont’s residents have chosen to purchase a vacation home in the quiet town, with some even renting out their properties to other visitors when they aren’t enjoying a stay themselves.

Because Morrisville is located in prime territory for skiing, it is a great choice for those who love to electrify their winters with exciting snowsports. However, the village offers plenty of entertainment even when the snows have gone. Its Lake Lamoille and connecting river is a beloved spot for kayaking, fishing, swimming, and wildlife viewing. On the eastern side of town, you’ll find the Copley Country Club, which offers a pristine nine-hole golfing green, a luxe clubhouse restaurant, and regular tournaments from April to October. For vacationers that wish to get closer to nature, the nearby Lajoie Stables provides horseback trail rides that will take you through mountains, pine forests, creeks, and wide open meadows. No matter how you like to spend your R&R time, you’ll be certain to find satisfaction in Morrisville.

Morrisville VT’s downtown area is small and peaceful, with a great deal of old architecture that gives the village an historic atmosphere. Most of Morrisville’s real estate is found in the town’s countryside, meaning that you can easily find a cozy cabin, cottage, or even villa with acres of property and amazing views.

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