How to Capitalize on the Real Estate Rebound in Stowe, VT

How to Capitalize on the Real Estate Rebound in Stowe, VT

After the American economy tanked in 2008, it sent the real estate industry reeling with over-inflated debt and depressed sales. Then in 2010, the real estate market in Stowe, Vermont turned that dark corner and began a historic rebound. Five years on, the rebound shows no sign of slowing down in this premier ski destination, and those who invested in the Stowe real estate rebound have helped grow the community as well as their bank accounts. For anyone looking to capitalize on the real estate rebound in Stowe, this is a brief overview of the current real estate market in Stowe,with its picturesque scenery, multimillion-dollar homes and world-renowned ski resorts. If you want to learn how you can also capitalize on the current real estate rebound in Stowe, Vermont, read on.

Finding the Perfect Rebound Property

There is a variety of real estate throughout Stowe, from energy-efficient homes starting in the $300-400K range to the many luxurious properties pushing price thresholds into the seven-figure range. In 2010, Stowe was home to 22 different luxury properties averaging between $1 million and $6 million. You’ll know if you’ve found an ideal rebound property once you determine the price fluctuation of a property since the rebound began in 2010, and measure its value against surrounding property values versus how long the property is listed.

Back in the Black

According to Northern New England Real Estate Network (NNEREN), the average value of single-family homes in Stowe rose 17% during the start of the rebound in 2010.These days, the single-family homes in Lamoille County have rounded out command a median price of around $200,000. With so many stunning properties and scenery, it is no wonder that land in Stowe is both coveted and costly. Local area realtors acknowledge and agree that Stowe neighborhoods like Spruce Peak are seeing a greater inventory along with an uptick in real estate sales. 2014 saw a flood of million-dollar homes sales here, which has continued to entice new buyers and investors. 2015 is looking even more profitable.

Buying and Selling on the Rebound

The real estate market in and around Stowe has proven profitable for sellers in recent years, compared to what properties here were worth prior to the rebound. This is the opportunity for homeowners in Stowe to sell their home in a growing market. Stowe is an excellent place to raise a family. As a result, many new families are flocking into the area with its top-rated schools, small town atmosphere, ski culture and amazing vistas. The market is currently not inflated as it was during the pre-recession bubble, so property prices are more stable and buyers have better access to lending. All these factors between buyers and sellers culminate into the perfect storm that is rebound real estate market in Stowe.

Seeing is Believing

The current real estate market in Stowe continues to grow as more affluent families move in, whether they are looking to purchase and renovate an older, less expensive property, or buy one of Stowe’s prestigious luxury homes. Stowe is one of National Geographic’s “Best Ski Towns in the World”, just one more reason you should capitalize on the real estate rebound in Stowe.

Moving On

If you are in the market for new properties in a growing, affluent community with world-class services and amenities, a thriving tourist industry, and great neighbors, then Stowe is your destination. Now is the perfect time to capitalize on the real estate rebound in Stowe. Whether you are looking to purchase your new family home, a vacation home in Stowe or elsewhere in Vermont, or rent out a commercial villa to tourists during ski season, there are always great opportunities awaiting you in Stowe’s real estate market rebound.


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