Thanksgiving Weekend Kicks Off Ski Season In Vermont

Thanksgiving Weekend Kicks Off Ski Season In Vermont

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, full of festivities, family, and fun. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of both the holiday season, and the ski season in Vermont. With the beauty of fall fading, the snow begins to settle in Stowe, Vermont, and with it comes the start of winter sports and skiing. Both visitors and residents embrace the snow and pumpkin pie, as they take the first run of the year. Celebrate Thanksgiving, hit the slopes, and spend the holidays in New England kicking off the season.

Ranked as one of the best ski towns in America, Stowe offers something for everyone. With an impressive height of 3,719 feet, the mountain challenges seasoned skiers, and allows beginners a chance to learn. Since 1933, Stowe has been a destination for visitors to immerse themselves in nature, and take in the glory of Mt. Mansfield. While the main attraction in winter is skiing and winter sports, the quintessential New England town offers fantastic food outlets, a variety of boutiques, and lively entertainment.

Skiing Stowe is unique, as the mountain offers advanced runs that are typical of much larger mountains. With many of the world’s best skiers and snowboarders hailing from Stowe, the slopes allow for all types of skiing. Chip Knight, a US Olympic ski team member describes the mountain’s conditions: “Stowe offers some of the steepest terrain in the country, and is one of the few places on the East Coast where you can get the feel of big-mountain skiing.”

After a full day in the powder, the town of Stowe provides an ideal area to relax and unwind.  Established deep in the Green Mountains, Stowe served as a center for milling and farming before it became a popular ski destination. It boasts the creation of the first American chair lift, and the charming streets still hold a sense of nostalgic historical charm.

Unlike many popular ski towns, Stowe is a place where people feel at home, and call home. The quaint New England town developed before skiing was a popular sport, making the area authentic and special. The culture, history, and access to some of America’s best skiing, make it an ideal location to both live and visit. Hit the slopes, ski all day, and enjoy an après ski at The Matterhorn, a popular after ski spot since 1950.

Head to Stowe for Thanksgiving, and enjoy a picturesque and active holiday in the heart of Vermont. Wake up early, feel the fresh powder under your skis, and finish the day off with a walk on Main Street among the candle lit storefronts and the softly falling snow. Stay comfortably at one of the areas many hotels and resorts, or find a special place to call home and always have access to the charm and wonder Stowe offers.

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