5 Negotiating Tips for Homebuyers in Morrisville, Vermont

5 Negotiating Tips for Homebuyers in Morrisville, Vermont

When you negotiate as a homebuyer you want to succeed. It can be a complex process and sometimes difficult to achieve a favorable outcome. But there are ways to develop a strong position to get the most out of your transaction. When you find your dream home in Morrisville follow these 5 negotiating tips for homebuyers:


  • Research the Market. If you are lucky enough to find your dream home in a buyer’s market you may have a valuable playing card. However, it is important to remember that all properties are unique and you have to know where the housing supply and demand are in your favor. Do your research and find out where you stand before you set your position.
  • Pay Attention to the Details. Transaction prices are important but the key to getting a great deal is in the details. While surrounding sale prices are important, consider if the seller has recently replaced the roof, installed new appliances, or would agree to some concessions like paying the first instalment of closing costs.
  • Seek Out an Agent. If you do not have the representation of  a realtor Morrisville Vermont dream homes may be out of reach. Think of your negotiation as a battle. When you meet your opponent (other buyers) you want to have the best weapons. That’s where your realtor comes in. They are also your best defense against aggressive brokers and can help you compete with other wanna-be buyers.
  • Be Exact with Numbers. Before you know what your final number is estimate a monthly payment that includes property taxes and insurance. Oftentimes buyers set an amount based on the sale price alone but if you want to get into a winning debate run a check on the exact monthly payment including any additional obligations that will incur after your purchase.
  • Do Your Own Comparisons. If your offer is high you stand a better chance of getting your dream home. But all real estate agents get paid based off accepted offers and so they may emphasize the highest priced comparable properties. This is why you need to ask your Morrisville agent for a copy of Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and get the full MLS listing details of comparable properties in the area. Then decide for yourself how much money you should really offer.

You can get a reasonable price and triumph in your negotiations by using these 5 tips to develop your bargaining position.They can be vital in the deal-making process.


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