How to Find the Best Real Estate Agents in Vermont

How to Find the Best Real Estate Agents in Vermont

The Green Mountain State may be tiny, but when it comes to real estate agents, Vermont has plenty to choose from. What’s tricky is selecting the right one. By following our expert tips below, you can ensure that your realtor hunt ends in success.

Zone in on Your Zone

It’s important to find realtors who are specialized in the region you’ve set your sights on.

Sure, you can go with general Vermont realtors who cover the entire state, but then you’re likely to run into the Jack-of-all-trades problem: your agent may lack in-depth knowledge of a specific area because they’re stretched too thin.

Sometimes, it’s that local insight that is crucial for identifying the best deals and prospects.

For example, an agent who has been working in the Stowe market for years may know that a small corner of the region has been experiencing a big boom in value, but will soon dip because of planned industrial development. Realtors who aren’t so familiar with the area may not be able to protect you from these risky investments.

This is why you’re best set with an agent who knows your desired area like the back of their hand. They’ll often have access to the best listings, and can spot promising opportunities that may be under the radar.

Tailor by Type

Speaking of sticking to the familiar: pick agents who are experienced in dealing with your type of property.

A realtor who has built their career on selling only ski cabins may not be the ideal choice if you’re trying to find a commercial warehouse for your business. Likewise, an agent who mainly deals with residential buyers is unlikely to achieve optimal results for an investor.  

Agents who are specialized in your chosen property type can navigate the transaction process without confusion, and they’ll be able to properly identify key value points.Quiz Them with Questions

So you’ve singled out a few realtors who seem like good matches. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to move on to the “interview” phase to see if they’re the real deal. By asking targeted questions, you can learn whether or not this realtor is an ideal choice.

  • What are your credentials?

Don’t be afraid to ask for this. You want to make sure your agent is a professional who is accountable for their business practices. Check if they are a member of NAR, the National Association of Realtors. NAR requires all members to adhere to a strict code of conduct and ethics.

  • Do you do this full-time?

There are many realtors out there who work part time and still manage to do a decent job. And then there’s your cousin Monty who sells homes on the weekends. While Monty may be a blast at family reunions, he’s not on top of the real estate market. Even if a part-time agent is a trusted friend or family member, you’re better off with a full-time realtor who has their eye on the trends every day.

  • Can I get a list of references?

By all means, talk to an agent’s past customers before committing. Former clients can tell you if working with this person was a breeze or a headache, if they were easy to get a hold of or continuously MIA. Ask these customers if they were satisfied with this agent’s service, or if they think another realtor could have helped them better.  

  • Could you tell me about recent success story?

Don’t just ask past clients about satisfactory experiences, ask the real estate agent themselves. Tell the realtor that you’d like to hear about a similar client for whom they managed to get a great deal. If the agent can easily think of a comparable case and explain why the results were so impressive, you may have a winner.

Ally with Authority

One of the best ways to find quality real estate agents in Vermont is to go to an established company who has built up a reputation of credibility and performance.

These industry leaders will have a team of realtors ready to help you, and often have multiple specializations. Some even focus on specific areas and neighborhoods. For instance, we here at Pall Spera cover the most popular towns in North Central Vermont, such as Stowe, Morrisville, and Waterbury and others.

By smartly sorting through your options and asking the right questions, you’ll discover that finding the best Vermont realtor for you is easier than expected.
Still have questions about selecting the right agent? Send us a message or give us a call, we’d be happy to help!

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