Why Waterbury, Vermont is Your Next Home

Why Waterbury, Vermont is Your Next Home

There is something about Norman Rockwell’s inimitable paintings that at once capture a bygone era of small-town life and an essence of Americana, which has all but evaporated in the contemporary world. Many people are fed up with the hustle-and-bustle of modern life and are in search of something like life in a Rockwell painting. There aren’t many places left today that resemble Rockwell’s picturesque paintings, but one place that does reside in the heart of New England nestled among the hills of the Green Mountains. Welcome to Waterbury, Vermont.

A Great Place to Raise a Family

Waterbury, VT is known for it’s beautiful landscapes, strong community, and excellent school districts, which are all huge factors for young families wanting to escape the daily grind to consider. In addition to all the outdoor activities, local businesses, and friendly neighbors, Waterbury is safe, clean, and well-maintained by the city. If any parents want to pry their kids away from the screens, they’ll be glad to know that the kids will have plenty to explore, from farms to trails. Family excursions will become a regular thing for your family once you move to Waterbury. Whether it’s fishing or hiking, swimming or skiing, there is something for everyone to do all year long.

Is Waterbury Pro-Business? Just Ask Ben & Jerry

Waterbury may be a small town, but it’s known for fostering big dreams. The city’s most famous resident, the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory, is a centerpiece of the Waterbury business community, but Waterbury is also renowned for its number of small, independently owned businesses. Entrepreneurs could do worse elsewhere, and for those looking to start or move a business to Waterbury, there is no better time than the present. There are some great opportunities in Waterbury for those that explore them. While Waterbury looks to the future, the city also retains the past and all the nostalgic charm that comes with it, which is what is enticing to residents.

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Finding the Perfect Home in Waterbury

Let’s face it, all the amenities and perks of a place are secondary when compared to your new home, and Waterbury has a variety of homes just waiting to be occupied. From original Craftsman ranches and Colonial cottages to traditional and new American styles, Waterbury features great homes in a wide spectrum of prices. Whether you’re looking for simplicity, isolation, or decadence, you’ll find that the homes in Waterbury will exceed your expectations. So, what kind of home are you looking for?


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