The Vermont Trifecta: What Stowe, Morristown, and Waterbury Have to Offer

The Vermont Trifecta: What Stowe, Morristown, and Waterbury Have to Offer

Whether you’re looking for a place to get away or settle down, Vermont has plenty to offer in a trifecta of 3 charming northern towns: Stowe, Morristown, and Waterbury. The towns span Lamoille County and Washington County, a picturesque region in northern Vermont. It boasts an atmosphere of peace and serenity, thanks in part to the fact that it’s one of the state’s least-populated areas. In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of each town’s best features for real estate buyers.


This charming little village is the pride of the state, treasured for its old-fashioned New England aesthetics, surrounding nature, and infamous winter sports. Many miles of hiking trails and the award-winning Stowe Recreation Path for biking further enlarge the incentive to get out and about. It also has a rich cultural scene marked by many regular festivals. Stowe’s population is less than 5,000.

When it comes to real estate, diversity is Stowe’s strong suit. You’ll be able to find everything from luxurious mansions to cozy ski cabins on the market. The average listing price in Stowe is $1,112,562, while the median listing price is $795,000.


Morristown is just 7.5 miles up from Stowe, on the scenic Stagecoach Road. It can also be easily reached by Route 100, which also has an abundance of pastoral scenes. Home to Lake Lamoille and its myriad of connecting waterways, this woodland town is full of natural beauty. Entertainment hubs are aplenty, such as the Bijou Cineplex and the Rock Art Brewery. Both locals and vacationers alike find respite at the Copley Country Club.

Much of the real estate in Morristown sports waterside locations and/or mountain views. A majority of the homes on the market here have a classic colonial or ranch style. The average listing price in Morristown is $327,404, while the median listing price is $240,00.


Waterbury is 10 miles south of Stowe, with its main street set aside the junction of Route 100 and U.S. Highway 2. Its downtown area is filled with historic sites like The Old Stagecoach Inn, a quaint former tavern dating from 1826. Above all, Waterbury’s most famous attraction is the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory. Camel’s Hump State Park and Little River State Park are just some of the area’s lush gems of nature. Waterbury also offers convenient connections via public transportation to Burlington, Montpelier, Morrisville, and Stowe.

Should you consider buying a home in Waterbury, you’ll find that the market consists of homes with distinctive colonial and woodsy elements online premarin. The average listing price in Waterbury is $463,152, while the median listing price is $386,750.

By clicking the links in this article, you’ll be able to view our most recent listings in each town. We hope that this quick overview has helped you get one step closer to finding a home that’s a perfect fit.

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